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St. Cuthberts is a highly active church with lots of community engagement and energetic services incorporating live music, but unfortunately their system wasn’t up to the task. They needed a new sound system that was visually discreet yet audibly impactful, with ease of operation and versatility a high priority.


Our solution was a Martin Audio CDD speaker system, with a Yamaha TF mixer and a variety of control options for different applications. A bespoke iPad app grants basic functionality for day-to-day activities, while StageMix unlocks the system’s full potential for live band mixing and in-ear monitoring for musicians.


Speakers are secured into mortar joints and cables carefully glued and painted to avoid impacting both the physical fabric and aesthetics of the church. This project is a perfect example of the neatness and care with which we undertake all of our installations, to serve the church well into the future.

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