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Balloons and the St Mark's congregation are shown against yellow light. NoiseBoys installations.

St. Mark’s, Coventry, is a city centre church that was planted by Holy Trinity Brompton; a sister church to, and resourced out of, Gas Street Church in Birmingham. St. Mark’s had been used for many years as a medical centre, so the transformation of the building back into a church has been a huge undertaking for the team.

NoiseBoys were appointed by St. Mark's to supply all sound, lighting and video for the church, as well as to partner with them over the longer term to offer both internal and external training as they seek to be a resourcing church for the region.

Equipment supplied included an Allen & Heath dLive at the centre of the sound system, with a Dante network handling the sound feeds around the building. A multitude of network points around the church allow the band, visuals, lighting and control desks to be plugged in anywhere with just a handful of reconnections, meaning that the team can do church ‘in the round’ one week, and in the traditional East-West format the next.

Because the layout of church services and other events changes regularly, we designed the visuals system for song words, videos and presentations around four large LED screens rather than a fixed-projection system. Each screen is mounted at the top of a pillar on an articulating arm to allow them to be used in multiple orientations, giving this exciting church all the flexibility it could need as it grows.

St Mark's.jpg

There are plenty of AV companies that can provide you with great gear but really what you’re buying is the relationship, that’s why we chose NoiseBoys.


Church planting can be pretty chaotic but the way they have walked with us over the first 100 days has been pretty exceptional.

Andy Shelton

Worship Pastor, St Mark’s Coventry 

With the NoiseBoys team, you get guys that love the church and want to see your vision become a reality. We’ve never had the feeling that they are there to sell to us and then move on to the next project. We know they’re in for the long haul. They want our install to be the best it can be and to train up our team so that on Sunday the church is set up to win.

NoiseBoys have been so generous to us. They have given over and above what’s ‘contracted’ with their time and energy towards St Mark’s. As our church grows we’re so glad to have NoiseBoys with us on the journey.

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