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St. Peter’s is a stunning Victorian Anglican church in the heart of Notting Hill, but it was being let down by its outdated and ailing lighting system, which NoiseBoys were asked to modernise. With almost every existing light having failed, the church was left in the gloom and, as the nights drew in, it was becoming unusable in the evenings.


The church required both practical white house light, colour states for their services and events, and detail light to accentuate the building’s architectural details; in particular the incredible apse and mosaic of the Last Supper.


For the main scheme we brought in Exenia, an Italian lighting manufacturer known for their professional and reliable solutions, working closely with them to produce a design that delivered on all of the church’s requirements, entirely from discrete track mount fittings. Colour accents were achieved with a mix of Anolis and Abstract AVR luminaires, and the whole system is controlled by Pharos touch screen wall panels allowing for simple selection of colours and states.


The end result is (almost literally) night and day! The house light is warm, natural and even; perfect for this type of application. The full RGBW LED fixtures add colour and warmth to the ceiling and the detail lights in the apse bring the mosaics out of the gloom, creating a fantastic focal point.

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