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Fred Olsen cruise ships with installations by NoiseBoys
Fred Olsen lounge

We have worked with Fred Olsen Cruises for many years, and are proud to be on their list of preferred suppliers for audio, lighting and video equipment. We have completed lighting and sound refurbishments across many of the show lounges on board their ships, alongside programming lighting for all of their excellent production shows and supplying other equipment on an ongoing basis.

Refitting an entire theatre of equipment on board a ship that never stops moving for more than a few hours brings with it many challenges and pressures. The ships typically dock in a UK port at 7am and set sail again at 4pm, so the window is very tight to get all old equipment out and new equipment in and working for a show that night. 

The on-board crew had previously had bad experiences of installers rushing to get new equipment in during the day, but then getting off the ship without offering any training or support. We take a different approach, one that says training the users is equally as important as the equipment that is installed. When we’ve installed new systems we have always allowed time for one or two people to stay on board, training and supporting the on-board technicians through their learning the new equipment ‘on the go’.

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