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Bespoke and user-friendly sound, lighting and visual systems

High-quality design and installation

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Available for any application including full daylight and 24/7 operation, our bright, professional displays are robust and reliable.

Need a bigger picture? Consider a projector with bright, economical LED technology and a screen that seemingly vanishes when not in use.



From live sound to background music to speech reinforcement, our sound solutions will allow you to communicate with your audience with clarity and impact.



Theatrical? Architectural? Commercial?


Whatever your lighting needs, our creative lighting designs will transform and elevate your space.

Video Camera Lens


Reach a wider audience with a live-streaming system that can be as simple to use as pressing a single button, or break out the director’s chair with multi-camera set-ups, on-screen graphics and live mixing.

Whatever your vision, we will help you achieve it.


Do people on Zoom ask you if you’re sitting in a cave? Are your vocals ricocheting off the walls?


Acoustic treatment may be the answer to controlling and shaping the sound in an unruly space.


NoiseBoys Technologies Ltd. provides high-quality sound, lighting and visual system solutions for every type of building; from new-build to renovations to heritage sites - inside and out.


We have long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading sound and lighting tech suppliers, giving you the best price for high-end professional equipment.

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